Expedition For Trucks has gained experience over the years that wooden underlay boards can be very dangerous in many situations and conditions and are therefore not suitable for stabilizing and preventing the sinking of a jack..

After researching various materials we came up with the idea to make boards of high quality compressed strong plastic. This highly compressed material has a high load capacity. By providing the boards on either side of an anti-slip layer it prevent that they can slide away separately, when lying on each other.

To increase the ease of use, the underlay board has a convenient carrying handle.

In addition, the size of the boards are proportioned so that they are an excellent tool for controlling spring rims that are not mounted to the vehicle.

voor krik

PE underlay boards for jack, caravan, motorhome or campervan
but perfect and extremely stable
Safer than underlay boards of other materials
Unbreakable and shatterproof
Carrying capacity ca 10.000 kg | 10 ton
No mold like on moist wood

Very light – from 1,3 kg
Both sides covered with anti-slip layer
Easy to clean
Convenient handle
Made of high quality PE500